»I had the great pleasure of visiting the LSC in October, together with my 20 Global Change students. I really experienced how training in such stimulating surroundings, was increasing the learning process.

On behalf of the whole group I would like to express a warm gratitude for your hospitality and service - you have indeed been a great inspiration.«

Moti Lal Lama
Programme Coordinator & Facilitator
ActionAid Nepal

Use the LSC

No matter where you are from or what you are working with, it is possible to use the amazing LSC facilities for your own trainings, workshops and meetings.

It is as simple and convenient as it can be to use the LSC facilities – if you bring your participants, trainers, lecturers etc. – we will be happy to host your course and we will take care of all the practical matters!

Change old meeting habits ? The LSC will encourage you to think new
After hosting various trainings, workshops and meetings at the LSC, we are quite certain that there is something about the place that stimulates and motivates people to think and interact in new ways. It might be the beautiful nature, the innovative architecture or just the peacefulness that surrounds the place.

Nevertheless, it is a fact that the LSC compound offers nothing less than 9,490 square meters of green nature and beautiful training facilities. A regular presentation in the big Assembly Hall will make the atmosphere somewhat different because of the alternative bamboo construction, the natural air conditioning etc. A regular group discussion will make for an enlightening and different experience because of the light atmosphere or because you will be seated under the big beautiful Pipal tree in the centre of the LSC compound.

For more information about our amazing training facilities, please read The Facilities