»Thank you for a most fantastic stay at the LSC. I am deeply impressed! I remember that so many of my students praised the food.

Without exaggerating I believe you serve one of the most delicious Dal Bhats in Nepal! Probably a perfect mix of talented chefs in the kitchen and the fresh organic ingredients.«

Delphine Mona-lucat Pawlik
Programme Coordinator & Facilitator
ActionAid Denmark

The kitchen

We know the importance good food has for the ability to learn and for achieving great results. For making sure that participants in trainings and workshops will be served with delicious food, we have rented out the canteen and kitchen facility to trained cooks that will be present at all occasions.

The team of cooks will make sure that participants in trainings and meeting will be served with tea/coffee, snacks and fresh organic fruit. The fruits and vegetables being served in the canteen are as far as possible coming from the LSC demonstration plots for organic farming.

The Canteen service can per request be provided for all trainings and meetings at the LSC.