That bamboo is (inch by inch) stronger than steel in tension, stronger than concrete in compression, and more stable than oak when processed as lumber.

As a plant it is the fastest growing plant on earth and can very fast restore degraded lands.

The facilities

"A whole Training and Demonstration Centre build entirely on sustainable technology"

It may sound like an unrealistic daydream. Nonetheless it is a dream that have proven very realizable. At the Life School Centre you will experience the unquestionable and inspiring proof.

The facilities - a product of sustainable solutions
The eight LSC compound buildings are all constructed with the aim of finding sustainable solutions in a local context. The Churia River delivered the stones for the fundament, the framework was made out of local bamboo, the surrounding earth delivered the blocks, bricks, roof and floor tiles and the sun made sure that everything was perfectly dried. In this way no materials was imported, a lot of trees were saved and a lot of co2 emission was reduced.

Get cooled down by natural air conditioning
These days a lot of energy is spent on cooling buildings. At the LSC there is no fossil fuel based energy used for air conditioning. A special climatic design has ensured that there is natural ventilation in all the LSC buildings through cross ventilation, roof top ventilation, open bamboo shutters with insect net and through many other climatic designs. Consequently the buildings are cold in summer time and warm in winter time. Most of these techniques are not new inventions, but old techniques that have been revived.

How we recycle
At the LSC we try to recycle as many things as possible and to get clean energy out of the different waste. When people visit our restrooms, the biogas system produces clean gas that is used for cooking in the canteen. All around the LSC compound, we have set up a comprehensive, but easy waste management system. When you are done eating one of the delicious organic bananas, you put the peel in the waste bin for fruits and vegetables, where after the peel will be used again for compost in the organic garden.

Solid bamboo constructions
Most of the buildings at the LSC compound, was constructed with bamboo as the building framework and in some of the buildings bamboo is even used as the bearing construction e.g. in the Assembly Hall. Actually we discovered that bamboo, both as a building material and as a plant is becoming way underestimated in modern society.

For more information about the other solutions that was used to build the LSC, please see The Building Materials