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List of facilities

Assembly Hall
Is a fully equipped meeting hall with capacity for 120 persons.

Reception building
The reception building functions as visitor's point of arrival and information desk. Also it functions as office space for the regular LSC staff including a computer room for visitors.

JIWAN, Chuli and TPFDA accommodation buildings
These buildings provide the accommodation, either in dormitories or single rooms, with a total capacity of 50 persons. In the JIWAN building there is also some office space.

Canteen and kitchen
The canteen is having the capacity of a large number of gathered persons.

Rest room building
Ten toilets divided between a female and male section.

Bathroom building
Eight bathrooms divided between a female and male section.

Construction building
Besides the various tools for constructing the sustainable building materials, the building contains a Balaram SCEB production machine and a MCR tile production machine.

Training and meeting equipment:
  • Multimedia projector + big screen in the Assembly Hall
  • Printer
  • Photocopy machine
  • Computer set
  • Television
  • Sound system
  • Stationary computer

Please inform the LSC staff in time, if further training and meeting equipment is required!

Other facilities and services

Internet access 24 hours a day
The LSC provides free Internet access 24 hours a day to those attending trainings or renting the LSC. Other visitors must pay a fee to use the Internet.

Guarded 24 hours a day
For complete safety of our guests' personal belongings the LSC will be guarded 24 hours a day during trainings and meetings.