That during trainings, meetings etc. you will be served with snacks, tea or coffie and delicious seasonal fruits from the organic garden?

The organic garden

At the Life School Centre we have established demonstration plots for organic farming of a variety of fruits and vegetables. The organic farm is first of all meant for demonstration purposes, where participants on the LSC training courses learn about ecological gardening techniques, natural pest management and waste recycling etc. The organic product yields are being used in the LSC Canteen and are sold, either on the LSC or on the nearest local market.

Tasty organic vegetables
LSC has allocated 1000 square meter land area inside the premises for the nursery and organic vegetable farming. Here we grow vegetables such as cucumber, tomatoes, potatoes, radishes, onions and many more.

It is not just a "tall tale" – organic vegetables just taste better!

Delicious organic fruits
LSC produces fruits such as papaya, banana, mango, lychees, jackfruit etc. The fruit grows on a 2000 square meter area around the LSC premises. People visiting the LSC can enjoy the delicious organic fruits in the LSC Canteen, during trainings and meetings or buy fruits at the LSC for bringing home.