That the LSC was constructed by unskilled local workers that were trained by the LSC? Today the majority of them are working with construction elsewhere.

Location and activities

The Life School Centre is situated in a beautiful and undisturbed environment in the flat and airy south eastern part of Nepal. The centre is located on a flat green grass field with a gentle slope towards the south. The centre of the LSC is linked together by a huge and very ornamental Pipal tree.

Along the eastern side is a big mango plantation and on the northern side a big field used for playing ball games. Further north you catch a glimpse of the Churia hills and may enjoy relaxing the eyes from looking into the wide horizon of paddy fields that seem to continue endlessly.
Along the western and southern side of the LSC is the neighbouring village Harsar.

Recommended activities while you are at the LSC

Activity 1: Introduction to the Life School Centre
If you are interested in knowing more about the Life School Centre and what we are doing, a small introduction can be arranged. The introduction will include a guided tour around the LSC compound, where you can get a better impression about the sustainable techniques we are working on. If you have time, you might even get your hands dirty from trying to construct some of the building materials or from doing some organic farming!

Activity 2: Visit to the watershed
If you feel like stretching your legs in the early morning or before the dinner, we will recommend or per your request arrange some walks around the LSC. For a better understanding of the watershed challenges in the area, a short walk will bring you to the nearby dam, where we can explain more about the LSC efforts. This is also a perfect spot for enjoying some of the spectacular sunsets over the river banks.

Activity 3: Visit to Harsar village
If you have the time, a must see is a visit to the neighbour village Harsar, either by yourself or together with some of the LSC staff. Harsar is a poor but enjoyable mixed village of about 340 households of Hindus and Muslim religions. Nearly everyone in the Harsar community is living below the poverty line of Nepal. The LSC is working in close relation with the Harsar community and have initiated different projects to spread the sustainable ideas to the villagers. Also the LSC have helped ensuring jobs to quite a lot of the inhabitants.

Activity 4: Visit to Janakpur and the Janaki Mandir
If some finds the LSC surroundings a little "too" undisturbed we will recommend you to visit the sizzling pilgrimage city Janakpur, located within half an hour drive from the LSC. In Janakpur you should not miss the number one attraction, the marvellous Janaki Mandir, one of Asia's most important Hindu temples.

Access to visit tourism area by car from LSC:
  • LSC to Janakpur urban 15 km
  • LSC to Dhalkebar urban 18 km
  • Dhanushadham 15 km North-East side from LSC
  • Koshi Barrage and Koshi Tappu wild life conservation area 85 km Eastern side from LSC
  • Bardibas market center 27 km North-West side from LSC
  • Sindhuli Headquarter 70 km and Sindhuli Gadhi 95 km Northen side from LSC
  • Chitawan Sauraha tourism area 237 km Western side from LSC